Recognising Jamaican art

Posted: October 3, 2016 in Uncategorized

Hmmmm how does one recognise Jamaican art. Art expressions are a reflection of one’s culture. In Jamaica we take note that there are several world cultures being woven into one.. and then there are individuals who remain influenced by others.

Like the performing artists, the sculptures by Jamaicans, in particular, of wood are easier to be identified when placed among works internationally.

BUT with our art being a potpouri of culture, especially with European Art styles being taught and forced as the standard in schools, hardly anyone emerges with a style of their own to claim their work as one true form of authentic Jamaican art.

Truthfully therefore, a very limited number of artists in Jamaica define Jamaican art. Most Jamaican artists love to do colourful works when it comes to painting for example.

‘Intuitives’ was one word coined to describe Jamaicans who emerged without formal training and did their thing their own way and were acknowledged and sought out for their unique offerings.

Recognising Jamaican art



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