Jamaica Legal Wiz

Posted: May 9, 2014 in Communications

So you’ve got an issue… Quarreling can be so frustrating, and a unforgivable waste of time.. What then do you do.. Find a solution.
The Jamaica Legal wiz can assist you somewhat…

Hey fellow journalists.. I came across this great post on WordPress. Its been long overdue for Jamaican journalists to join the world’s wide list of bloggers. Here’s a post about top journalists who did… CLICK HERE

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In this blog, I am going to do a little chit chat about art by Jamaicans… you can get more details on http://www.antheamcgibbon.com

I paint, I photograph, I write. Here on this page and occasionally I am going to blog about my art so stay tuned. Meantime find more works on wix.com

OAaSIS International Foundation

Posted: May 11, 2012 in Charity

If you ever need to get your child started in the arts. Join OAaSIS. If you ever need art workshops in your area… call OAaSIS 876-812-7177.

As communication consultant, I assist with
pr packages
editing new songs
editing videos
editing legal documents

read more soon

Welcome to Anthea’s WordPress site! This is just another site by me – Anthea, but more me – skills, me as an artist, and assisting with all your communications needs beyond her media website. JUST so YOU wont be confused when you read my official media website promoting arts, creativity, culture, law, spirituality by the experienced team of write lovers.

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