At last, at least one primary school has come to introduce the Education Ministry recommended visual arts curriculum.

2017 to 18 has been fun for Grade Four Students of the Allman Town Primary, in Kingston. After learning the foundation of visual Arts and more, the students recently concluded their latest project.

A boardgame competition was ongoing for the latter part of the Easter Term, to hone and master the critical thinking skills of students aged from 9 to 10.

Judging by the students reaction, they were enthused and the school body was no less impressed as they too rallied around to play the games made by schoolmates.

So 15 educational boardĀ games now reflect the folk culture and landscape of the island. So far even lower school students claim they learnt about mountains of Jamaica.

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Recognising Jamaican art

Posted: October 3, 2016 in Uncategorized

Hmmmm how does one recognise Jamaican art. Art expressions are a reflection of one’s culture. In Jamaica we take note that there are several world cultures being woven into one.. and then there are individuals who remain influenced by others.

Like the performing artists, the sculptures by Jamaicans, in particular, of wood are easier to be identified when placed among works internationally.

BUT with our art being a potpouri of culture, especially with European Art styles being taught and forced as the standard in schools, hardly anyone emerges with a style of their own to claim their work as one true form of authentic Jamaican art.

Truthfully therefore, a very limited number of artists in Jamaica define Jamaican art. Most Jamaican artists love to do colourful works when it comes to painting for example.

‘Intuitives’ was one word coined to describe Jamaicans who emerged without formal training and did their thing their own way and were acknowledged and sought out for their unique offerings.

Recognising Jamaican art


Great articles on Jamaican art

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If you ever need to learn about a Jamaican artist, check out a few websites and locations. Galleries around Jamaica are useful and so too is the JCDC.

However reading online is the quickest. Institutions may have their own websites, but then they dont always cover everybody, and some artists who should be highlighted still manage to slip through the cracks.

Then there are other kinds of artists, and types who are noteworthy.

Great magicians such asĀ Kemarch Dodd are written about on full media site of Anthea McGibbon.

Supporters of the Arts of Jamaica are highlighted too.

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Hey fellow journalists.. I came across this great post site on WordPress. Its been long overdue for Jamaican journalists to join the world’s wide list of bloggers. Here’s a post about top journalists who did… CLICK HERE

Check this blog from time to time. There’s going to be a little chit chat about art by Jamaicans… you can get more details on

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OAaSIS International Foundation

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If you ever need to get your child started in the arts. Join OAaSIS. If you ever need art workshops in your area… call OAaSIS 876-812-7177.

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